Call Papers

We Invites research based, conceptual based papers, case studies, on any aspects of management, Commerce, and economics, to our National Journal. We publish original works from the above areas.
1.  All manuscripts should contain 3000 -4000 words including tables and figures, typed in times new roman font with double spacing  in A- 4 format,
2.  The cover page should contain title of the paper , authors name and affiliation with contact address and email id
3.  An abstract with four to five key words also should be submitted along with the paper.
4.  Reference must be in separate sheet with serial numbered and should be arranged alphabetically by surname or by year.
5.  The copyright of all accepted papers will west with the editors only.
6.  Improper and weak submissions will be rejected in the initial screening. selected papers undergo a blind review process.

Guidelines for Contributions of the Journal

Note to the Contributors:

The Journal is Half yearly publication. It is published in the month of February / September every year. “The Journal covers wide range of issues related to commerce, management and allied areas. The Journal welcomes original contributions from both academicians and practitioners in the form of Articles, Research Papers, Case Studies, Special Commentary and Book Reviews. Authors whose papers are published will be supplied a copy of the Journal.

Guidelines to the contributors:

1.  Manuscript submitted to the Editor must be typed in MS-Word. The Length of the Articles and Case Studies should not exceed 5000 words. Research papers length can be up to 10,000 words.

2. General rules for formatting texts:

  i. Page size: A4 (8.27” X 11.69”)

  ii. Font: Times New Roman-Normal, black

  iii. Line spacing: Double

  IV. Font Size: Title – 14, Sub-titles – 12, Body – 11 Normal, Diagrams/Tables/Charts -11 or 10.

3.  The first page of the manuscript should contain the following information: (i) Title of the paper ;( ii) The Name(s) and Institutional Affiliation(s) of the Author(s); (iii) Email address for correspondence.

  Other details for correspondence such as full postal address and telephone number of the corresponding author must be clearly indicated. The category of submission should be specified either as a Research Paper, Article, Review, Case Study etc.

  Points 4, 5, 6 and 7 are applicable only for Articles, Research Papers and Case Studies.

4.  Abstract: a concise abstract not exceeding 200 words is required. The abstract should adequately highlight the key aspects or state the objectives, methodology and the results/major conclusions of analysis. The abstract should include only text.

5.  Key words: immediately after the abstract, provide around 3-6 keywords or phrases.

6.  Tables and Figures:  Diagrams, tables and charts cited in the text must be serially numbered and source of the same should be mentioned clearly wherever necessary. All such tables and figures should be titled accurately and all titles should be placed on the top after the number. Example: Table 1: Growth Rate of Insurance Premium in India (1997 -2010).

7.  References:  All the referred material (including those from authors own publication) in the text must be appropriately cited. All references must be listed in alphabetical order and sorted chronologically and must be placed at the end of the manuscript. The authors are advised to follow American Psychological Association (APA) style in referencing.

8.  Usage of abbreviations in the text should be avoided as far as possible and if used should be appropriately expanded.

9.   The papers and articles submitted must be original work and it should not have been submitted or published elsewhere. The author(s) are required to submit a declaration to this extent in the format specified in Appendix 1, while submitting their articles.

10.  All the submissions would be first evaluated by the editor and then by the editorial committee. Editorial committee may require the author to revise the manuscript as per the guidelines and policy of the journal. The final draft is subject to editorial changes to suit the journals requirements. Editorial committee also reserves its right to review/delete objectionable content/edit without changing the main idea/make language corrections/not to publish/publish with caveats as per its discretion

11.  In case the author has submitted only the hard copy, an electronic version of the manuscript would be required once the paper is accepted for publication.

12.  All inquiries related to the submissions should be addressed only to the editor.

13.  Copyright of the published articles and papers would rest with “the publishers of the journal” and any further reproduction would require prior and written permission of the editor.